The Most Popular Power Ranger Toys Ever

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the popular Power Rangers, toys were issued that quickly became so popular some of them are now hard-to-find collectibles. Here are the top Power Rangers Merchandise and toys available to kids and collectors.

The Legacy Megazord is perhaps the most popular toy. It came out along with the release of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers show. This toy transforms and combines together just like the original and comes with diecast design and metallic stickers. This 2010 toy is from Zordbuilder and it is compatible with toys from MMPR2010 and Ninja Steel.

Bandai of America designed and released the Megazord with stickers already on it. The hilt on the Power Sword has been redesigned to make it easy to put in the figure’s hands. When Power Rangers Jungle Fury came along, Bandai of America promoted the Super Legends. The most popular of these are the chase figurines.

A whole set contained two of these figures in two waves. The first was the Lord Zedd figure and the Mighty Morphin Green Ranger. The second wave contained the Mighty Morphin White Ranger and the Zeo Gold Ranger. The third wave was the last wave and included the Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger along with the sans-armour Ninja Storm Green Samurai.

The Power Rangers RPM Super Legends figures are 7.5 inches tall and are bigger than the figures normally available. This toy is made with a special attention to detail and is one of the best to add to a serious toy collection. This is true if you can get the RPM Rangers into your collection. These figurines have weapons and helmets with painted details that are so exact it is incredible. This set included the first release of the Green Power Ranger.

Power Rangers RPM Dino Rangers revealed three new rangers. This set is yet another one that should be in any collectors home but may not be easy to come by. The issue of these caused fan fervor. But, disappointment ensued when only three new toys were issued. Still, these are must-haves for many reasons.

Another extremely popular series’ toys was Dino Charge and the Imaginext Power Rangers Toys for younger children.

At the end of the Power Rangers RPM line is those figures related to Paleomax Megazord. These included three must-have rangers like the Mammoth Ranger, the T-Rex Ranger, and the Triceratops Ranger. The numbering, for collectors, remained the same as was used for the zords. Their suits are made with a whole new design and make it look like each ranger is wearing a jacket. Very unassuming and very different to have as a Power Ranger toy!

These figures were released at the end of the surge of RPM Power Rangers toys. They are a lot harder to find than other popular toys which means that they will cost a lot more if you can find them online or from another collector.

There is also the popular six-pack helmet collection. This is for the first six rangers issued. These helmets are collectible and saught after because of their unique details and panel lining.

With all the buzz around the Power Rangers’ new movie, I thought I would add the official trailer right here.