The Most Popular Power Rangers Merchandise

Everyone is excited about the new Power Rangers movie! You can see the official teaser trailer here:

The Power Rangers franchise has been going strong for nearly 25 years now. Built on the premise of combining new, American driven story lines wherein 5 teenagers are granted superhero-like powers and previously existing footage from the Japanese tokusatsu series Super Sentai, the show was an immediate smash hit and it has never left the air waves or toy aisles since. With several movies, television series and specials, novels, comic books, and a literal wealth of merchandise, the franchise has remained an absolutely titanic seller for its parent companies Bandai and Saban Entertainment.

The Most Popular Categories of Power Rangers Merchandise are:

Power Rangers T Shirts

Power Rangers Toys

Power Rangers Preschool Toys

Red Ranger T Shirt

Dino Charge and Dino Super Charge:

Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys – Super Fun!

Power Rangers Dino Charge Zords and Megazord Toys

Younger Kids

Imaginext Megazord and Power Rangers Battle Armor Figures


Of course, the franchise’s popularity is about to hit another fever pitch thanks to the upcoming new American live action Power Rangers film in 2017. A plethora of new products are sure to hit the shelves, not only honoring the new iterations of the classic characters, mecha, and monsters from 1993, but the originals as well. If you have a Power Rangers fan in your life that you’re looking to provide some fun gifts for, the following list should help you make the best possible selection.

1 – Power Rangers Legacy Collection

For adult fans of the original show, the Legacy Collection is a line of toys and prop replicas that recreate many of its classic weaponry and mecha with the greatest detail and accuracy possible. This includes replicas such as the Green Ranger’s famous Dragon Dagger, various Power Morphers and corresponding coins, the White Ranger’s sentient sword Saba, various helmets, and the Red Ranger’s Blade Blaster. A number of toys are also available, the most impressive of which are new versions of the classic Zoids from the first few seasons of the Mighty Morphin’ television series. These are all available in many online stores and Toys R Us.

2 – Funko Pop Vinyl Power Rangers

One of the most popular styles of merchandise around is Funko’s line of Pop Vinyl bobble head toys. They have licenses for a metric ton of different franchises. A pop culture icon like the Power Rangers was sure to get thrown into the mix at some point. The original Rangers are all available, as are their counterparts from the 2017 live action movie. Best of all, their retail price is only around $10, and you can often find them on sale for even less from online stores such as Amazon.

3 – Boom! Studios Power Rangers Comic Book

Boom! Studios, a rapidly up and coming comic book publisher began publishing new stories featuring the original Mighty Morphin’ team in early 2016. Thus far, the series has received rave reviews. If you know any fans of the series that started it all, they’re sure to love this fun yet respectable take on the old characters they likely grew up with. There are currently over 10 issues to collect, and there are two volumes collecting the issues in trade paperback form. Single issues are usually around 3 to 4 bucks, and the collections are $19.99 before discounts. The second volume is set to premiere in March of 2017.

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