The Most Popular Power Rangers T Shirts

Thanks to a storied 25 year history and enormous appeal to a handful of generations of kids, the Power Rangers are still a much beloved franchise. As with literally any other major pop culture property, it has remained a massive merchandising powerhouse. As of now, fans of the old series as well as newcomers to the show and its toys have a plethora of different goodies to choose from in order to show their appreciation. What better way than to wear it literally on their sleeves?

If you’re putting together a merchandise shopping list for the MMPR fan in your life, here are the most popular Power Rangers T Shirts currently available:

1 – Costume Prints

Hands down, the best selling style of Power Rangers shirt are the prints that mimic the costumes of the Rangers themselves, complete with the appropriate colors, patterns, and giant animal logos emblazoned across the chest. The originals (Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green, and White from the Mighty Morphin’ era) are the most popular of course, but you can even find prints from other series. These shirts are a lot of fun, and can even help you build a cheap Halloween outfit later down the line if you’re resourceful enough.

2 – Logo Prints

Just as with other properties, a lot can be said with the logo alone. There are a myriad of Power Rangers shirts with the series logo and little else. You can opt for the actual text or some of the related iconography of the show such as the Mighty Morphin’ lighting bolt or one of the Power Morpher coins. It’s easy to find these in a variety of different styles and colors, and they’re often made with women’s cuts as well.

3 – Group Shots

Next in line, there are a lot of Power Rangers t shirts with the Rangers themselves in one of their famous group poses. You can find countless different variations on that basic theme, and a lot of the different teams have been honored this way. There are even plenty of unique styles to pick from, including actual promo photography to hand drawn graphics and more. To actually have the characters adorning your body is perhaps the most outwardly “geeky” option, but such worries will never come into play if you truly love the show. More than likely, the only reactions from anyone else will be joy over recognizing what the print is from!

4 – Pop Culture Mashups

Finally, the Power Rangers have been in their fair share of pop culture mashup t shirts. Sites like Ript Apparel and Red Bubble offer prints designed by independent artists. One of the most popular trends is to take two different properties and mash them together. Relevant examples include combinations of the Rangers with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jurassic Park, the Transformers, the Legend of Zelda, and a wealth of others. You generally have to shop online to find these, but the prices are almost always immensely affordable.

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