The Most Popular Power Rangers Preschool Toys

The Power Rangers brand is still going strong after an almost quarter century of dominance both on children’s television and action figure toy aisles everywhere. Of course, one of the biggest problems of the original series was that its toys were really most appropriate for the 8 years old and up range given their large, heavy nature and the wide variety of smaller parts. It also didn’t help that many parents were concerned with the martial arts content of the show, considering it far too violent. As such, any families with preschoolers that were taken with the show often had few options for corresponding toys.

Thankfully, the marketplace for toys and other Power Rangers Merchandise has made a considerable shift in the last decade or so to accommodate younger children. Power Rangers is still a very hot commodity, and that’s only going to be further cemented now that there’s a new live action movie coming out for 2017. Poised to take on a more serious yet still light-hearted tone akin to the wildly popular Marvel Cinematic Universe films, it’s likely that the movie will take off of with younger children just as much as the older nostalgic audiences its aiming for.

So, if you’d like to know what to look for when your little one starts asking you to buy them, here are the current most popular Power Ranger preschool toys:

1 – Imaginext Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Paying tribute to the original Power Rangers show, Fisher Price’s Imaginext line has been releasing several preschooler friendly iterations of the classic Zords and accompanying Rangers. They have huge Dragon Zord and Imaginext Mega Zord toys that stand up to a feet or so tall, both of which are full of numerous play features that will keep your children busy for hours. Any smaller parts are designed to be safe, and all of the edges of the robots are rounded off. These have been strong sellers through two Christmas seasons now, and they show no signs of slowing down.

2 – Ninja Steel Hero Sets

Designed for children of the age of 4 and up, the Ninja Steel Hero Sets include masks and soft weaponry to allow your child to dress up as the Rangers from Ninja Steel, the latest show in the Power Rangers franchise. Blue and Red are currently available, and the rest are sure to follow suit. While retailing for around $24.99 now, they’re brand new and will likely drop a bit as the year goes on. These will be especially great for Halloween!

3 – Funko Pop Bobble Head Power Rangers

Finally, the immensely popular line of Funko Pop vinyl bobble figures has several Power Rangers to choose from. These are large, colorful toys with soft edges that have been approved for children as young as 3 or 4. The original characters and upcoming new movie characters are all widely available, and they’re all very affordable at only $10 each. That’s quite a steal compared to the soaring prices of some other items these days!

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