Imaginext Megazord and Power Rangers Battle Armor Figures

This is an awesome toy! This is the Power Rangers Imaginext Megazord. Imaginext is a toy line by Fisher-Price that makes action figures and toys for younger kids. They’re for kids who want to play with the big kids’ toys, but are safe for young children (3-8 years old).


This Megazord is 2 feet tall and comes with a red and black power ranger. It’s made for children 3-8 and they’ll love playing with it. It transforms with all kinds of secret compartments everywhere. Also, there’s buttons on the different parts of the Megazord called Power Pads that springs the Zords into action. (In case you’re not familiar, Megazord is a giant robot made up of smaller animal and dinosaur themed robots.)

Megazord’s right leg is the Yellow Ranger’s Sabertooth tiger Zord. And, when you press the Power Pad on the back, it makes the face (which is the foot of Megazord) chomp down. The right leg is the Blue Ranger’s Triceratop Zord. This one shoots missiles when you activate it by pressing the Power Pad on the back.

imaginext megazord

Power Rangers with Battle Armor

They also make little action figures of the Power Rangers with battle armor. The Imaginext Power Rangers are. They have all the Rangers and they each come with three things: the action figure, the weapon, and the Zord. The weapon fits in their hand just like on the show. The Zord is really neat because it folds over the Power Ranger like a suit or battle armor and instantly looks like the real thing. It’s pretty clever the way it clips right over the Power Ranger.

Red Ranger With All Parts

red ranger imaginext

Red Ranger with Armor on and Weapon in Handarmor on

The Red Ranger comes with his sword and T-Rex Zord. The Blue Ranger comes with his power blaster and blue Triceratops Zord. The Green Ranger also comes with a sword and his green Dragonzord. The Black Ranger comes with his power axe and black Mastodon Zord. The Yellow Ranger comes with her two daggers and yellow Tigerzord.

Imaginext Power Rangers Command Center Playset

This playset is a must-have. If you’re going to have all the other Imaginext Power Rangers toys, you’ll need the play set to go with it. It comes with a Blue Ranger figure, an Alpha figure, and has Zordon on the wall just like in the show.

It has 2 Power Pads these are the buttons that bring the playset to life. One of the Power Pads makes Zordon light up, essential for when he’s giving the Power Rangers their mission. The Other Power Pad shoots a little missile out of the top of the playset.

power rangers playset

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