Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys – Super Fun!

Welcome to the Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys page. One of my favorite Power Rangers shows is Dino Super Charge. I’ve always loved dinosaurs so when I first saw they were going to have a show combining Power Rangers and Dinosaurs, I was really excited. I really like the feel of the show. The dinosaur themed café where they work is really cool. It reminds me of the T-Rex café in Disney Springs. Also, the Rangers’ base is all cave-style bringing more dinosaur elements to the show.

The Toys

My favorite toys are the zords, chargers, and morphers. My little brother really likes the imaginext stuff. You can see more details about each of these on my pages about them, or just click below to get your own!

toys zords from Power Rangers Dino Super Charge moprher toy

One really great thing about the Power Ranger Dino Super Charge toys is that they look just like what you see on the show. I think they did this on purpose. Some toys you get and you don’t really feel like they are the same weapons and gadgets you see on the show. But, the stuff on the show I guess kind of look like toys, so the toys come out looking really legit!

See my reviews of the Zords and Megazords.

That makes it more realistic when you’re playing with your power rangers super dino charge toys.

Good Lessons From The Show

They teach good lessons, like in episode 2 when Riley, the Green Power Ranger, was having a hard time with that bully. At first he tried to use his green energem to get the best of the guy who kept calling him “Brainiac”. This kept backfiring on him, though. The first time he lost the arm wrestling match and then the second time he jumped so high over that climbing wall he ended up in a tree.

What I liked is that when the amnesia poison took effect on the other guy, he helped him anyway. When his friends told him what had happened, he finally talked to Riley and told him how he was really just jealous. I think a lot of bullies are like that. They just see someone else that has what they want and it makes them feel bad about themselves so they lash out. I feel this episode teaches an important lesson in taking the high road and doing good no matter how someone else is acting. If you get sucked in to their insults and try to get revenge or compete with them, it’ll backfire on you.

We also learned a lesson in bravery from Koda in episode one. He faced his fear of ice and saved his friends even though he was scared of ice after being trapped for 100,000 years in it. All these lessons create an overall meaningfulness to the show and builds a story for enjoying your power ranger dino charge toys.

How I Watch the Show

I love watching the show on my tablet, but what’s even better is pulling it up on my laptop and plugging it into my big screen TV. I know I could DVR the show and watch it that way, but I’m just so much better and faster at doing stuff on my laptop. The DVR I have on my TV in my room is so clunky compared to me just pulling up the show in a browser. I don’t have to use the super slow remote control to navigate to what I want to watch. You can also play Dino Super charge games online.

If you are going to do it this way, I do recommend you get a good ad blocker. The places you can watch Power Rangers Dino Super charge have tons of ads all over the place. They have so many that it’ll slow down the show to where you can’t even watch it from all the buffering.